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"Effective security should resemble an ICEBERG. Enough should be visible to ward off those who would cross its path. Underneath should be solid base of personal, procedures, equipment and technologies."

The need for security is confirmed with unfailing regularity. Everyday there are reports of loss: thefts, pilferage, fraud, embezzlement, sabotage, etc. These offences will effect any organization, large or small. Unfortunately, many Organizations fail to provide adequate security because the cost of establishing and maintaining a system that is rarely used may seem greater than benefits. The shortsightedness of such thinking is, however, obvious when a security breach, with resultant penalties occur.

There are many sensitive areas where security is borne out of sound procedures and a good management. No equipment is available to substitute for these. Procedures have to provide for checks as well as counterchecks. Physical security has to provide for detection, in the event of deterrence being ineffective. To be effective, security has to be both comprehensive and competent.

Uses that experience and knowledge tailored to India's unique security environment. Our more than 25 years of experience as a leading service provider has led to a client list of over 100 which includes Corporate Offices, Banks, Housing Societies, Hotels, Factories, Malls etc.

SECURITY if conceptualized or regarded as a "watchman/chowkidaar" of the past years would be grave error on the part of any management or organization. In fact, it is now placed in the perspective of "RISK MANAGEMENT AND LOSS PREVENTION". We, at KUSHANG SECURITY provide "tailor-made" guarding Services as per the specification of your industry. Security personnel meeting physical, education & medical standards are laid down in the KUSHANG SECURITY policy, Security personnel are selected and trained in handling security and vigilance responsibility, to the utmost of their abilities.

It would be the antithesis of realism, which should pervade all security matters, if we guarantee unqualified success to those who implement the procedures for optimum security. We are, however going to be so bold as to claim that implementing the procedures through the expertise of a professional and specialized security organization like V will effect a significant improvement. Moreover, The benefits of that improvement will, in the final analysis, result in financial gains.